About Midwest Design Week

Midwest Design Week (MWDW) is an annual design conference hosted by AIGA Chapters from the Midwest region to celebrate the power of design and diversity. The goal of MWDW is to provide inclusive and engaging virtual events, not just for Midwesterners, but for anyone with a passion for leveraging design for good.

The first MWDW was in 2020, inspiring creativity amidst a pandemic, and we’re back this year for our second-ever Midwest Design Week! We are thrilled to present 5 days of virtual, accessible design programming, including workshops, virtual hangs, and insights shared from top creatives in the Midwest that will leave you inspired, educated, and reinvigorated.

MWDW is a growing collaborative effort hosted by AIGA Chapters. This year, the chapters of Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Louisville, Northwest Arkansas, St. Louis, Toledo, West Michigan, and Wisconsin have joined forces to highlight the creative excellence in each of our regions without attendance being restricted by location.


This year’s theme is Access to Design. There are unquestionably barriers to entry in the design industry that span education, equity, career entry, software, and so much more. With this theme in mind, we aim to provide a platform for open conversation. We will be elevating a diverse range of creative voices to share their stories, perspectives, and inspirational work that has shaped their lenses and contributions to their communities.

Midwest Design Week will once again be virtual to be fully accessible to the creative community. We hope to spark curiosity, build community, and explore how we can proactively increase accessibility and diversity in design.

Chapters Included