Figma – Collaboration and Content Curation for Creatives

Brandon Parker


Digital ways of working which were before mainly used by remote subject matter experts became the main platforms for production, meetings, communication, and collaboration during Covid 19. For most of us we were able to maintain productivity and connectivity while enjoying work/life balance became our everyday. Enterprises sought to continue ways of working that allowed contributors to effectively work in real-time to continue to move projects forward. In the digital space Sketch was by far the most widely used platform for UX and UI. However, remote working during Covid 19 facilitated a need to have a centralized location for file management, collaboration, development hand-off, and prototyping. Enter Figma.

From 2019-2021 more companies and groups embraced Figma as a design and collaboration platform that allowed teams to continue to create, version, comment, and hand-off to developers. This feature was critical to production teams that were now exclusively working remotely. We’ve seen as workplaces begin to trickle back into the office a response from the labor force that remote working is productive and companies are listening. Many companies are moving to at least a hybrid way of working to accommodate the popular demand for remote working. Organizations looking to adopt this model should seriously consider Figma as a collaboration and design tool for their digital teams. I’ll be covering some ways of working and features in Figma. Join me in the Figma Workshop to learn more about this amazing tool!