InDesign Power Tips: v2020 – Workshop

Leslie Friesen

Leslie Friesen

Leslie Friesen loves working in InDesign. It’s been her go-to program since 2002. As someone who both teaches graphic design and works in the world of publication design, she wants the software to work for her. “If you can do the ‘mechanical part’ faster, and use it to make sure everything is consistent, then that leaves more time for the creative part!” Hence, she loves styles and shortcuts.


She’ll demonstrate some things you may not know about styles — getting into some of the little-used, but super-useful options in paragraph styles, character styles, and object styles. And share a few of her favorite shortcuts that will make you feel like a magician and garner oohs and aahs from your design friends when you use them.


Plus a Photoshop bonus. Tips for saving your images for the digital world, including adding metadata (and, of course, she has a shortcut to do that).


She’ll be covering a lot, but feel free to have your InDesign window open while you join the webinar. Don’t worry that you won’t be able to try it on the fly. You’ll now know some things that can be done and how to look for them. A PDF will be provided after the workshop with some of the key tips and tricks.


About the Speaker


Leslie Friesen has more than 30 years of experience as a professional graphic designer, which she brings to her  “professor of practice” position teaching graphic design at the University of Louisville Hite Art Institute. Prior to joining the faculty as Power Agency Designer-in-Residence in 2002, she was the Art Director and head of the Creative Services Department for a public relations firm for 17 years. Her projects there ranged from publication design (magazines, newsletters, brochures, annual reports), to internal communications, to logo design. She maintains her design practice through Point A Consulting and is the Art Director for Edible Kentucky & Southern Indiana magazine. See her work on her website.