Brandon Parker

Digital Designer

Brandon Parker is a Digital Designer with over 10 years of digital design experience. Brandon notably served as both UX and UI Designer for Procter & Gamble helping to provide guidance on users behaviors and best practices while also creating delightful user interfaces for one of P&G’s global skincare brands. Most recently, Brandon has taken a Product Designer role at Kroger Digital where he provides valuable design input in the Digital Experience Pillar. For years, Brandon has been working in the areas of user interaction trying to best understand how users interact and navigate throughout the digital experience as well as how those interactions are improved in the areas of device features, loading times, content prioritization, accessibility, and other best UX/UI practices.

Brandon tirelessly advocates on behalf of the user to keep agile teams focused on refining the communications, visuals, and platform experience so that mobile users are considered first and not last and components, elements, and molecules are reused for consistency across digital screens. As a digital designer Brandon has developed expert proficiency in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of Applications, Sketch, Invision, and Figma. In addition to his digital design talents, Brandon is also skilled in time-based media, leveraging his experience to provide video production and editing as well as digital multimedia. Brandon has developed a process that seeks to understand the end-use cases and works backward to develop a roadmap for how to achieve success. He has developed a keen sense of design sensibility and an ability to translate design solutions across various devices and communications. He’s worked with clients such as P&G, Molson Coors, Conagra Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Nielsen, and Kimberly Clark.

At home, Brandon is the loving husband of Taisha and father of two fantastic children, Dallas (10) and Kennedy (3). He is an avid music lover and cinephile that has a vast library of music and movies. In his spare time, Brandon likes to do video production, read books about culture, creativity, self-reflection, and innovative thinking. He also spends time sketching and gaming when time permits. Brandon enjoys cooking and will try to replicate any recipe at least once. He has a passion for collecting Legos, sneakers, and graphic novels.